Let’s face it, eating out every night doesn’t come cheap. And when you’re a student, that can quickly burn a sizeable hole in your already penniless pocket. However, we all deserve a tasty treat every once in a while, so rather than break the bank every night, say buh-bye to sneaky service charges and overcrowded restaurants, and make use of your Leeds student flat by dining in for less. After all, nights in are the new nights out.


Use vouchers and special offers

If you’re looking for savings on dining out, delivery and collection seven days a week, then Meerkat Meals has you sorted. All you’ve got to do is take out a qualifying product with them and the options are endless. Two meals for the price of one at thousands of UK restaurants? Check. 50% off your fave pizzas from Papa Johns and Pizza Hut delivery? Check. For all that plus more, sign up now!


Do your bit for the planet

Help fight food waste with the Too Good To Go app. It allows you to buy and collect delicious, fresh food that cafes, restaurants, hotels, shops and manufacturers would otherwise throw out, just because it hasn’t sold that day. You won’t know what’s in your order until you pick it up, but hey, who doesn’t like surprises?


Invest in a slow cooker

Late night lectures, or simply not a fan of cooking? Never fear, for Aldi’s got you sorted with their Ambiano slow cooker, that’s a steal for just £12.99! Simply switch it on in the morning, pop your raw food inside and return home to top tasting meals like soups, stews, casseroles or tender meat. And if it’s veg that you’re after, pop down to the “wonky aisle” at Morrisons, where you can find a whole range of crooked carrots, pointy parsnips and other produce perfect for the slow cooker. They all come in a different range of shapes and sizes that farmers can’t use, or otherwise sell. So, winner, winner, slow cooked dinner!


Treasure the super noodle

If it’s cheap dinner ideas you’re after, then super noodles are where it’s at. Boil an egg, pop some noodles in a pan of boiling water and leave to simmer. Add mushrooms and carrots, then simmer for three minutes. Stir in some soy sauce and lime juice, add some pak choi and stir until wilted. Divide between two bowls and top each one with half the boiled egg. If you’re feeling extra bougie, garnish with radishes, spring onions, lime zest and chilli flakes. Yum!


Bring in a box

Armed with fresh, pre-portioned ingredients, you can enjoy nourishing, flavour-packed dinners, without splashing the cash, by signing up to Hello Fresh or Gousto recipe boxes. Each one includes simple recipes with step-by-step instructions to follow and cushty deals when you sign up. The best bit? You can pause or cancel for free anytime. Plus, if you are a new customer or are referred by a friend, you can often get your first few boxes half price.