Moving into a new student house can take some settling in. When you are renting, you can’t do much to permanently change the décor without your landlord’s approval, but there are some nifty hacks that can help to brighten up a place and make it feel like home.


Damage free wall hangers

If you’re not allowed to hang pictures on the walls, choose some posters or photographs and display them with damage free wall hanging tape. Adding some colour to the walls can immediately make a place feel more familiar, so it is worth spending some time finding pictures that reflect the mood and tone of your house. If they are framed, you can also lean your artworks against the wall if your landlord doesn’t want you hammering nails in. It’s an easy answer to the question of how to make a student home nicer.


Choose some fun soft furnishings

Brightly coloured bed clothes, cushions and throws can help to make your bedroom and living room look and feel more comfortable. They are the ‘accent pieces’ – things that set the tone of the room and distract from anything that is not your choice and that you can’t change. They are also things that are worth spending your money on, as you will be able to take them with you wherever you move. You could spread the love and place your chosen items around the house, or pile it all into your bedroom, so that you have a space of your own to retreat to.



Lighting is not generally a priority when people are working out how to decorate on a budget, but it should be because it can completely change the feeling of a space. A few inexpensive lamps placed around your main living area can make it feel really cosy and warm. You could add some fairy lights too – they’re not just for parties.



We all love house plants, and a few adorning your student home will instantly transform it into somewhere lovely. Go for trailing plants hanging off shelves and something larger like a monstera to make a statement. You could even add a little herb garden to your kitchen. Plants add detail, life, and beautiful natural forms, so whatever you go for you can’t go wrong. Just make sure you read the care label and place it in the best spot. Oh, and don’t forget to water it.


Cover the floor

If the carpet in your student home looks a little worn and not somewhere you fancy walking barefoot, invest in a rug to cover it all up. Ok, rugs aren’t cheap, but you could split the cost between your housemates and the benefits might just make it worth the money.


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