Working out where and how you are going to live during your university years is a big decision.

Some students stay living at home, others might prefer to get their own place, but for most, it involves at least some time in a student house share. There are a number of reasons why shared living is both a sensible and popular choice. Here are some of them…


Save money

Obviously sharing the rent and bills is going to make things more affordable. Splitting a larger house between, say, three to six people, will be much cheaper than getting an equivalent standard property somewhere on your own. Large student houses in Leeds cost about £110 per week, which is then split a few ways. One bedroomed student accommodation in Leeds might be about £140, so the maths is fairly clear.

And remember that it’s not just the rent to pay, there is also gas, electricity and water to think about, as well as things like insurance and agents’ fees. If you’re lucky enough to find yourself sharing with likeminded people who have similar habits and budgets to your own, you could even think about sharing some basic food stuffs to help your money go that bit further.


More fun

For many people, when they imagine university life, a house share with friends is probably a big part of the picture. The late nights chatting, getting ready to go out together, a whole lot of silly pranks and laughing – your house share is likely to provide you with a raft of university anecdotes for years to come. Like the time your housemate glued all your food upside down to the top of your cupboard, or when you covered everything they owned with tinfoil. All standard student japes.


Study benefits

If you share a house with someone on the same course as you, then there can be massive benefits when it comes to your coursework and exam revision. You know there is someone there to talk things through with and compare notes after a lecture. You can remind each other what you need to prepare for certain seminars and keep each other on track when it comes to revision.


Emotional support

We all need someone to talk things through with sometimes, or perhaps someone to just sit next to on the sofa and watch some rubbish television. Whilst living with other people is not always easy, we like to think that most of the time the constant company provides some emotional support and friendship when you need it.


Easy logistics

If you are at university in a big city such as Leeds, then having people to shares lifts with, catch the night bus with, and who will make sure you get home after a night out, can be hugely reassuring. Shared student houses in Leeds tend to be spread around particular parts of the city, like Headingly, Hyde Park and Burley (most universities have similar areas where students tend to gather). Journeys to and from campus are much more fun when you’re not on your own.


Share the cleaning

Yes, really. Student houses have come on a lot in recent years, and many are newly renovated, lovely places to live. A weekly clean up shared between housemates is much quicker and easier than doing it all yourself. It might even be fun, and your house will feel like a proper home after the effort.