When it comes to looking for uni accommodation and deciding what type of student houses in Leeds would be best for you, you might be having trouble making up your mind. Do you go for halls? Maybe a flat share with your best friend? Or what about a larger house?

You might not have considered something as big as a 6-bed student house in Leeds, but did you know there are lots of advantages in choosing a large house share over a smaller one? Here we look at the main benefits.


It’s a ready-made social network

Whether it’s your first year of uni or you’re moving from halls into a house, you might find that sharing with a big group can ease the transition.

Living with people can help to quickly break down any initial social awkwardness – after all, you’ll be breathing, sleeping and eating together – so you’ll soon make strong bonds.

And if you’re having a bad day or just need to chat to someone, it’s likely there will always be someone around to lift your mood.


It can work out cheaper

Generally speaking, the more people to split the cost, the less expensive your living costs will be. Essential purchases like TV licence (if you plan on watching live TV), water rates and broadband will work out much cheaper than if you were living with fewer people.

And those nice little extras like digital or Sky TV, streaming subscriptions, Amazon Prime and food delivery charges, are suddenly much more affordable when you have more people to share the expense.


There’s always something happening

The more people in your house, the more you’ll be in the know about what’s going on in Leeds — be it a new bar opening, an exercise class or gig. A wider group of people can open you up to a wider range of experiences. And best thing is, you’ll always have someone to go with.


You can share the housework and the cooking

In theory (as long as you don’t live with extremely messy people), the more people there are in your student home, the less housework you’ll have to do.

Whether you organise a rota for the communal areas or all pitch in together, you won’t spend as much time cleaning the house as you would if you lived with fewer people.

Likewise, you can all take it in turns to cook. Meaning that for every meal you cook, you’ll get five meals cooked for you in return. Winner!


You don’t need to go out to have fun

When you’re skint and can’t afford to go out, if you’ve got lots of housemates, a night in suddenly becomes a lot more fun. From a curry night to a movie marathon to a board game bonanza, more housemates can elevate a plain old night in to a great night in!

Have we convinced you that living in a large house is great option? Why not take a look at our 6 bed student houses in Leeds and start living your best uni life.