Whether you’re in a studio apartment or a large 8-bedroom home, uni living in Leeds can be cold, especially when those winter nights set in. But it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom!

Follow our Leeds student guide, and make sure your home is both safe and cosy this winter.


Making your student home safe for winter

Bleed your radiators

Bleeding radiators regularly will help keep those uni homes in Leeds toasty and warm.

What do you mean, my radiators bleed? Sometimes air can get trapped in radiators and they don’t heat up as well. How can I tell? If your radiators are warm at the bottom, but cool at the top, this is a sign they need bleeding. That’s great, but what do I do? Turn off your heating, find the bleed valve on the radiator (the small valve at the side of the radiator near the top). With a bleed key (which you can get from any DIY store) turn it 180 degrees anticlockwise to get rid of any of the trapped air and listen out for a hissing sound. When all the air has gone, it’ll start to drip water and you can close the valve.

TOP TIP! Have someone hold a bowl of water to catch the dripping water.


Check your boiler

Make sure your boiler has been serviced. This should be done once a year. If you can’t find the documents, ask your landlord or student letting agent.


Use heavier curtains

Did you know 40% of the heat escaping from your home can be through windows? Having heavier, lined curtains can limit this, plus block any breezes from coming in.


Look outside

Remove any leaves, moss and other debris in your gutters and drains to prevent blockages in heavy rain or snow. If debris is gathering in high-up places that you can’t reach without a ladder, then let your landlord know so they can hire a professional. Boring, yes. But does it help? Absolutely.


Make your student home cosy for winter

Wrap up

It sounds obvious, but rather than whack the heating on full blast when you’re feeling chilly, layering is where it’s at. With energy prices constantly soaring, you never really know how much you’re spending until it’s too late. Nobody needs to think about their gas bill before Christmas, plus it means you can hit the shops for cute knits.


Pop on a onesie

Nothing screams snuggly than a onesie, oodie or soft pyjamas. They might not be the most fashionable thing, but hey, they keep you warm.


Re-create the movies

Okay, not literally, but light some candles, shut the doors, draw the curtains, and have a movie marathon. If all your housemates bring down their duvets and blankets and you attack the snacks, you won’t feel guilty for binge-watching your faves.


Have a hot drink

Whether it’s a tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or even mulled wine, warm your cockles with a steaming beverage. You can thank us later.


Head for a hottie

Hot water bottles and hand warmers are a classic way to keep warm. They’re effective, but they’re most importantly also cheap and portable.