Congratulations. You are about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime as you move out of home and set sail for university! This is a brand-new chapter of your life and one to be embraced with open arms.

It’s likely that this is the first time you will have lived away from home for a prolonged period, and therefore it’s natural to feel apprehensive and overwhelmed. However, it’s important to remember that this is such an exciting opportunity and also the more prepared you are, the easier you will find the transition.

Whether you’re moving locally, to a completely new city or even from abroad, you are probably starting to think about what you will need to take along with you to your new university accommodation.

Therefore, here we have listed a checklist of things to consider as you begin to plan your move away…


Important documents & paperwork

Here is a list of important documents and papers that you will need to take along with you. It’s worth making copies of each, just in case they get misplaced at any point and leaving the copies at home in a secure safe:


Technology & accessories

Perhaps you want to bring along some technology to your student home to keep you entertained? This could include things like…


Household items

Your student accommodation might be fully-furnished, but it’s worth checking with your landlord or lettings agent exactly what is covered in the contract for your new home. White goods such as the fridge, freezer, toaster and kettle are usually included, but it’s likely that you will need to bring your own…


Bedroom essentials

If you have a fully-furnished room or house, then a bed, mattress and wardrobe should come as standard. You should also have a desk and chair – but check this out beforehand to make sure. The following bedroom essentials will also make your bedroom space much more comfortable…



You will no longer be able to borrow toiletries and bathroom essentials from your parents or siblings! It’s time to make a list of all the products and items that you use on a daily basis. These could include:


Clothing & accessories


We’re sure that there are other things you will want to bring along with you when you move into your new student home, however, hopefully with this checklist, you won’t forget any of the essentials!