With winter looming, it’s time to start preparing your house for the months ahead. Bring in the blankets, turn on the fairy lights, and find yourself some slippers, because it’s going to be a cold one. Some people might see winter as the season of rain and darkness, but we see it as a time for cosiness and hot chocolates on the sofa. There are plenty of ways to get your student house in Leeds winter-ready, here are some tips…


Do the boring stuff first

There are some basic logistical things that you should check before winter takes hold. You were probably shown your boiler service certificate when you moved in, but if not it might be worth chasing your landlord for it – no one wants a broken boiler when it’s freezing outside. Check your radiators too, sometimes they need bleeding or balancing to properly heat your student house. Leeds-based plumbers are easy to find if you need but always go through your landlord or student lettings agency first.


Blankets and layers

Sometimes we all need to snuggle up and get warm and having blankets and throws on your sofa and in your bedroom can help you to do that with style. Fleece, wool, even faux fur can all look good and feel super soft. A few extra cushions can help with the general cosy mood too.


Mood lighting

All student houses in Leeds (and actually, everywhere) look better with a bit of mood lighting. Whether that comes in the form of fairy lights, lamps or candles is down to you and what you have available but remember that more is more when it comes to creating a cosy atmosphere. We love strings of fairy lights around the windows or covering shelves, and those battery-operated candles with the moving flames do a really good job of recreating the calming, cosy effect of the real ones without any of the danger.


Warm your feet

When you have to get up for a 9am lecture and it’s still pretty dark outside it can be a huge amount of effort to drag yourself out of bed. By making sure that you have something lovely to step onto, you are ensuring that the first few moments of your day are going to be happy ones. Buy yourself a pair of bargain novelty slippers (furry green monster feet are always the best) or invest in a soft rug to put beside your bed. Sometimes these small things can make a really big difference.


Fill your cupboards

Food and drink contribute a lot toward the general sense of cosiness, so make sure your cupboards a full of warming things for cold days. Hot chocolate is a must for winter, as is freshly made soup – ideally drunk out of a big mug. You could prepare yourself a vat of winter soup, which works out at a very cost-effective lunch or dinner option. Go vegetarian to keep costs down even more and divide it up into batches for the freezer.


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