This might be the second Mother’s Day in a row where you are not physically allowed to hug your mum and take her out for a slap-up lunch, however, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make it extra special this 2021. Even on a student budget!

With only one week to go before the big day, we thought we would share a few lockdown ideas in case you needed some last-minute inspiration…


Plan an online class together

Whether your mum likes dancing, yoga or cooking, why not book an online class for her to enjoy this Mother’s Day? And, here’s the best part, you will get to join in with her too, so you can see her happy face (even if it is on a screen).

There are so many different types of classes available online that you could try. From art workshops or cookery lessons if she is creative, to Yin yoga or HIIT training if she is into fitness. This is a perfect gift to share together and perhaps to introduce her to a new hobby that she will continue on into the future.


Send her a three-course dinner to her home

If your usual Mother’s Day would include lunch or dinner at her favourite restaurant, then why not send the restaurant to her own house this year! Many restaurants are now preparing gourmet meals that can be sent by post and then easily warmed up at home. This even includes many Michelin-starred restaurants too, if you really want to indulge her.

From Indian cuisine to Italian or Great British pub fair, you are bound to know her favourite tastes. So, treat her to a night off the cooking and some top-quality food in the comfort of her own home.


Make her a digital photo album

Photo gifts are always appreciated as they are very personal and show that you have really put a lot of time into the preparation of the present. Therefore, there is still plenty of time to put together a collection of your favourite moments together. This is also a great cheap Mother’s Day idea if you are really short on cash at the moment.

You can create a great photo collage presentation using PowerPoint. Simply drag and drop all the best photos of you and your family onto the pages of the slideshow and then finish off using some design features and written text to create the final article. It’s likely that your finished file will be too large to send via email, so you could send via the free We-transfer service, or arrange a Zoom call with your mum and then screenshare the presentation with her for you both to watch together. Guaranteed tear-jerker!


Arrange a pamper day  

Unfortunately, the spa won’t be open this year, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be pampering. You could fill a nice empty box with some spa-like treats so that she can have a day of relaxation at home, and then drop it off on her doorstep or pop it in the post.

You could include a face mask sachet, a nail varnish, a heated eye-mask and even some cosy slippers. This way she can pour herself a bath, paint her nails and then close her eyes behind the mask to imagine she is in a heavenly spa.


Whatever way you choose to celebrate your mum on 14th March, you can be sure that she will really appreciate your efforts, even if she knows that you don’t have lots of money to spend on her.