Christmas is all about eating, drinking, making merry…and feeling cosy. And when it’s cold and dark outside, your Leeds uni accommodation should be the epitome of cosiness.

So, how do you create a warm and snug haven where you can feel all Christmassy? If you’ve got the motivation, but are lacking the inspiration, here are some ways to up the cosy feel in your Leeds student flat. From Christmas decorations to fairy lights, all you need is a bit of imagination…


Put your decorations up

First things first. You can’t cosy up at Christmas without some festive decorations. And the best thing is you don’t have to worry about your mum’s tasteful colour scheme. You can do what you want – whether that’s multi-coloured lights, a pink tree or a big inflatable snowman in the corner.

A decorated tree and twinkly lights can really crank up the cosy in any house. Real Christmas trees cost around £25 for a medium-sized one, so make a pilgrimage to your local tree seller or pick up a fake from your local supermarket or DIY shop. Club together to buy some decorations – you don’t have to spend a fortune, you can get some great bargains from supermarkets, pound shops and Amazon.

Finally, go heavy on the fairy lights! String them around doorframes, fireplaces, mirrors and plants to up the ambiance.


Create a warm glow

While student houses in Leeds aren’t likely to have wood-burning fires, you can use candles to create a soft and cosy glow.

Lots of candles arranged together can make a bigger impact, so hit the pound shops or IKEA to stock up and arrange them on a festive tray, shelf or mantlepiece. Use a mix of jars, lanterns and free-standing candles, with a few pinecones scattered around to add interest. Placing them in front or above mirrors will enhance the glow and add an extra sparkle. Just remember to blow them out when you leave the room to keep safe and avoid fire hazards!


Invest in some soft furnishings

Cuddly cushions and throws are essential this time of year for snuggling up on the sofa or creating extra warmth when you’re in bed. Invest in a few extra cushions, throws and blankets – as much as your budget allows.

Look for ‘snuggly’ fabrics likes velvet, faux sheepskin, teddy and chunky knits, which not only feel great but look really cosy too. And don’t forget to add colour – deep reds, greens and gold look great at this time of year.


Bring nature into your home

Bringing nature indoors is a great way to enhance the cosiness of your home. Love a wintery walk? The next time you’re on one, take a bag with you and see what treasures you can find to decorate your home.

Look for pinecones, interesting-shaped twigs and sprigs of holly. Pile pinecones in a big vase or bowl. Spray twigs and other finds with gold or silver spray paint and arrange in a vase. Or pile larger sticks and logs by the fire.


Embrace staying in

Celebrate the art of hunkering down. Invite your friends over, light those candles and get the wine mulling and the hot chocolate bubbling. Play your favourite Christmas songs and bust out the board games. Christmas jumpers optional.


We hope these tips have given you some inspiration on how to create a wonderfully cosy home where you can feel truly Christmassy this year. If you’re looking for student accommodation in Leeds, we have a large portfolio of great properties. Simply browse them online or get in touch.