Your student life is bound to be full of excitement and fun. But aside from the parties and clubs and fresher’s activities, getting a university degree requires focus and commitment to your studies.

Your social life might be busy, but your working environment should be the opposite. If your workspace is cluttered and messy, then chances are you will be distracted from the task at hand – causing unnecessary stress and mental overload.

Therefore, we’ve put together a few helpful ideas so that you can create a Zen-like working space within your student accommodation.


De-clutter your desk

When it comes to studying, the only things you really need on your desk are your laptop, a lamp, stationary and any supporting reading material.

Everything else should be stored away on shelves or in drawers for when you need them. Piles of papers, knick-knacks, empty food containers and collections of photo frames will only distract you and drain your productivity. So, before you start your work each day, check your desk and get rid of anything un-needed.


De-clutter your computer

Tidying up your computer is just as important as tidying up your desk! Make sure you have a simple folder system in place to save documents, images and audios to, which will make them easy to find when you need to need them.

Get rid of applications and icons from your desktop that you don’t need, and make sure that any personal photos or videos are stored away in a separate folder. Less is definitely more when it comes to your desktop area.


Consider your lighting

Natural light helps to boost your energy levels and mood. Therefore, if possible, try to set up your desk next to a window or sky-light if your room is located in the roof. Leaving the window slightly ajar (if safe to do so) will also help to give you a boost of fresh air to keep your mind active.

If you are working early in the morning or later in the day when sunlight is low, opt for a desk light to benefit both your eyesight and your productivity. A soft, warm light will be much more soothing and calming than a blue fluorescent light, so swop over light bulbs if you need to.


Bring in some nature

Greenery not only brings in colour to a room, but it’s also proven that plants can help to reduce stress and boost energy while working. Therefore, if you have shelving on your walls, or a nice empty corner on the floor near your desk, then pop to the local garden centre to choose a few plants.

Snake plants, Peace lilies and Bamboo plants are all good green options, that are relatively inexpensive and require minimum maintenance.


Disable distractions

Facebook, Instagram and news notifications are bound to cause distractions from your studies. Even if you are determined not to click on them, some notifications are just too tempting not to click!

Therefore, be sure to disable notifications during certain parts of your day that are dedicated to study. You can plan in time for social media and reading the news during breaks and lunchtimes.