Add some plant life

Green, luscious houseplants instantly transform a space. But they offer many other perks in addition to looking pretty.

Studies have shown the psychological benefits of houseplants to include improved mood and reduced stressed levels. Not only that, they may also boost productivity, improve attention span and increase the speed of reaction to computer tasks. Perfect for those late-night studying sessions!

For a leafy, layered effect, go for a mix of large potted plants for the floor, smaller ones on your windowsills and then hanging baskets filled with trailing plants.

If you’re less than green fingered, pick easy-to-care-for varieties such as spider plants, philodendrons, succulents and dragon trees.


Display your natural finds

Whether it’s a beautiful piece of driftwood or shells from the beach, some interesting stones from a riverbank or woodland pinecones and twigs, any of these natural treasures will make impressive decorations and help create an uplifting feel in your home.

Get creative. Heap your finds into a big glass vase for an easy table decoration or arrange them on a shelf. Knotted branches or driftwood can be used to make rope shelves or candle holders. Even something as simple as a pile of logs can look stylish.


Create a ‘jungle’ bathroom

Adding greenery to your bathroom will help to create a calming yet energising vibe. Make sure to only introduce plants that like damp, warm conditions, such as pothos and philodendron. Orchids, too, love humidity and will look stunning on a windowsill or bath corner.

Why not follow the influencers’ lead and hang eucalyptus in your shower? Simply tie a bunch of it to the shower head and enjoy its stress-relieving and invigorating properties.


Incorporate natural materials in your accessories

Look for cushions, blankets, rugs and decorations in materials like jute, bamboo, wool and sheepskin to ramp up the natural feel in your home. You can find some great bargains in the likes of Wilkos, Matalan and H&M Home.


Make an indoor herb garden

A sunny kitchen windowsill is the perfect place to grow a variety of herbs. And not only will they bring gorgeous colours and smells to your kitchen, but they’ll liven up your cooking too!

Easy herbs to grow include basil, chives, parsley and rosemary. Make sure you plant them in a pot with good drainage – use a saucer underneath to catch the excess water.

If you’re too impatient to grow from seeds, some plants, such as rosemary and thyme can be grown from cuttings. Or head to your local garden centre or Amazon to buy cheap young plants.


Hang nature prints

Even a picture of a stunning vista can evoke the uplifting feeling of being in nature. If you’ve taken a great shot yourself, why not get it printed onto a large canvas to hang on a wall? Or browse online poster stores to find a scene that makes you feel happy.

By bringing the outside in, you’ll help make your home a harmonious and welcoming place to be, and start reaping the wellbeing benefits!