Create an appealing work area

If you’re a laptop-on-your-knees studier, consider setting up a dedicated space for working in. Not only will it put you in the right frame of mind for studying, creating defined ‘zones’ in your room can improve the overall look. If space is at a premium, this cheap folding office desk that you can put away when not in use is perfect.

Accessorise your work area with small plants or succulents to boost your wellbeing, photos of loved ones, and pictures or quotes that inspire you. Use colourful washi tape to frame and stick prints to your wall – not only is it biodegradable, but it peels off without leaving any residue.


Section off a relaxation zone

Continuing with the zone theme, create another area in your room where you can just relax.

All you need is a big beanbag chair, which you can pick up for around £20 on eBay or Amazon, and some accessories for your preferred chill-out activity. So, if you’re a reader, a freestanding ladder shelf to hold your favourite tomes. Love your video games? How about some fun gamer art?

Perhaps you’re more of a yogi? If so, section off an area big enough for your mat and have a small table on which to place crystals, and incense burner or some chimes.


Experiment with a feature wall

Whether you fancy muted florals or bold geometrics, you can easily create a feature wall with removable or ‘peel and stick’ wallpaper.

Perfect for renters, it allows you to change up your walls without painting and can easily be removed when you get bored or move out.


Layer your lighting

Why stick to just one overhead light? Mix different height and strength lamps to create depth and character. A floor lamp will add interest to an empty corner and a soft bedside table lamp for reading or late-night Netflix sessions will help you relax. Check out stores like Wilko and Dunelm for some stylish but affordable options.

When it comes to budget bedroom interiors, you can’t go wrong with fairy lights. Drape them over your bedhead, hang them from the ceiling or around your window frame for instant charm and cosiness.


Add texture and colour with soft furnishings

Whether it’s a bright new bedding set, velvet cushions or a shaggy rug, a few well-chosen accessories can instantly transform your room from blah to brilliant.

Don’t be afraid to mix colours and fabrics for the biggest impact. Check out craft fairs, pound shops and supermarkets to grab yourself some bargains.


Invest in a floor-length mirror

Not only do full-size mirrors create a focal point, they make small spaces look much bigger and lighter by reflecting light around the room. Put one next to your window or in a corner for the best effect. They don’t have to cost a fortune; you can pick up a cheap one from the likes of Argos and Ikea. Or have a look around second-hand furniture shops in your area – there are plenty in and around Leeds.


With a little bit of imagination and some bargain shop hunting, you’ll be able to make your student bedroom feel like a new room. But if it’s time for a complete change of scenery, why not take a look at our selection of luxury student rooms in Leeds and search for your next dream pad?