Thanks to its multiple universities and thousands of students, Leeds is a brilliant city to study in. There’s a buzzing city centre, a waterfront area, thriving student neighbourhoods and acres of surrounding countryside to explore. Student life in Leeds is great, and a bit of careful planning can help you to make the most of it.


Decide where you want to live?

You may have a place in Halls already but if you are opting for private student accommodation then it is worth taking some time to research the best area for you. There are five different universities in Leeds. The University of Leeds is in the north of the city, whist Leeds Beckett University is divided between two main campuses, one in the city centre and another in Headingly. Leeds Trinity is based out of the city centre in Horsforth, and Leeds Arts University and Leeds Conservatoire are both in the city centre.

Where you go is likely to dictate where you will want to live. Student houses in Leeds tend to be based around the Hyde Park and Headingly areas, though Burley, Woodhouse and Meanwood are also popular.


Plan some adventures

Leeds student living can be full of adventures, and while some of the greatest days are spontaneous, some of the even better ones have had a bit of planning put into them. Spend some time before you arrive looking for some fun days out. Those first few weekends all need filling, and if you are the person to bring plenty of ideas forward, then that always goes down well. Meanwood Valley Urban Farm is a fun day out, it has a café full of yummy treats, and a second-hand bike shop on site. If you are into energetic activities then Depot Climbing is a great place to bond with new friends, or if you want to show your cultured side then the Hyde Park Picture House is an arthouse cinema with a selection of cool films to watch.


Learn to cook

You’ll be the most popular housemate in your Leeds student home if you spend a bit of time learning how to cook. Pick about three different meals which can be adapted to suit any dietary needs. A curry is always good as it is easy to make vegetarian, (we like this recipe). Then there’s fajitas, which is always a winner, and some kind or simple pasta dish. Most of these meals can be made in one or two saucepans, a good wooden spoon would be helpful for stirring and serving, and all students will need something to grate their cheese and / or ginger and garlic for curries. With these items in your bag and those recipes in your head, you are all set to go.


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