It’s often hard to think of great gifts when you’re on a student budget. Luckily, we’ve got some suggestions to help you win Father’s Day even if your bank account has run dry.

Try some of these ideas to show you care…


Get creative

Parents love home-made gifts, so get creative and make your dad a Father’s Day present without spending anything. If you are good at drawing, then lucky you – sketch a picture of your dad’s favourite place , car or a much-loved family pet and he’ll be genuinely touched. You could even put it in a frame to make it look extra special.

If you’re lacking the artistic credentials though, you could make a family photocollage using some basic computer software or make him a playlist of all his favourite songs (and a few new ones that you think he will love).


Tug at his heart strings

It’s okay to get a bit soppy on Father’s Day, so take the opportunity to go through all your favourite family photos and use a website like Photobox to print some off. Go for passport style stacks or retro polaroid snaps with the white borders so they look a bit different. And be careful to pick images from across the years, because that shows that you have put some real thought into the process.

Alternatively, you could compile your photos and any family videos you might have, into a film using iMovie or similar video editing apps. Mix a few funny memories with some tender moments and we are sure he’ll be really touched. As cheap Father’s Day ideas go, this one is definitely a winner.


Spend some time together

Invite your dad up to spend the day with you in Leeds. Show him around the city or prepare him lunch in the comfort of your student home. If you’re living away from home while you study, then it’s a great way to catch up and spend some time together. Plus, if he comes to see you then you will be saved the hefty train fare – savvy student budget advice if you ask us!

Plan your day carefully, because not only does it stop faffing and time wasting, but it also shows that you have made a big effort. And make it personal, if your dad loves films then take him to the cinema,  if he’s into sport take a ball to a park or hire some bikes. Or you could show him how cultured you have become and take a look at some of the exhibitions that are on at your local museums and art galleries – take a good look out for the free ones!


Get him growing

June is a great time of year for planting seeds, so you could send your dad a packet of something for him to plant. Salad leaves are good for fast growing edible plants, nasturtiums are pretty and easy to grow for beginners, or you could try a wildflower mix to liven up his lawn. Seed packets are easy to pick up on most high streets and they are relatively inexpensive.


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