The spring term has started in Leeds, and if, like many other people, you’ve set yourself some goals for the new year, then perhaps having a good old declutter is on that list?

Living a clutter-free student life has many benefits: It can help to boost productivity and creativity, it can help to improve your sleep and reduce stress, and it can help you to live a cleaner, healthier and more organised life without things getting in the way. And, what better place to start that with your university student room!

If you have found that you’ve accumulated clutter in your room over the last term that is causing a bit of chaos, then here are some helpful and simple tips to help you clear out some space so that you can breathe and stretch out with some space again!


Be ruthless

The first way to make space in your student room is to identify what you don’t need to be in there.

Start with your clothing and shoes – are there any items that you haven’t worn that you can sell to friends or via eBay? Are there any books that you need to return to the library or that you don’t enjoy reading that, again, you can sell to others?

A good rule of thumb is that if you haven’t worn or used an item in the past 12 weeks, then chances are that you won’t use it in the next 12 weeks! Therefore, be a little ruthless when it comes to clearing out things from your space. If there are any items that you aren’t able to sell, then pay a visit to your local charity shop or shelter to donate to someone else who could benefit from them.


Organise your laundry

If laundry is an issue for you, and you generally find your clothes strewn across your floor and bed most days, then it’s time to get on top of things.

Having a simple laundry plan can help you to keep looking clean and smart, as well as preventing your student room from becoming a dumping ground for dirty underwear and last week’s sports gear.

A laundry basket is a student room essential – and gives you a place to throw in your dirties after they have been worn. A good place to store your laundry basket is in the bathroom, or behind your bedroom door so it’s out of the way.

Then, try to plan in one morning or afternoon each week to take your washing to the laundrette for a weekly clean. Choose a time when you have no lectures or other activities and get into a routine of getting all your clothing and bedding looking beautiful again. Turn your trips into a fun experience with some music to listen to, a podcast to tune into or a call to one of your friends back home to pass the time.

As soon as you bring your laundry back to your room, hang or fold all the items back into your wardrobe or drawers so that they are away and ready to wear again.


Use storage containers

Storage containers are probably the simplest and cheapest student hack when it comes to organising your university room. You can pick them up for a bargain at your local pound store or home DIY outlet in many different shapes and sizes depending on what you need to store away.

You can use storage files to keep all your papers, notes and study material together, as well as storage boxes for shoes, sports gear, socks, underwear and toiletries. Stackable storage boxes are especially useful as they fit neatly on top of one another and out of the way. Remember to label each box at the front with what is inside so that you instantly know where to find things when you need them.


Re-asses each week

Keeping your student room clean and tidy shouldn’t consume very much of your student life. By checking in with the state of your room each week, you reduce the risk of clutter accumulating, resulting in more effort to tidy it in the future.

Each week find a time when you have just fifteen or twenty minutes to spare, pop on your favourite playlist and give your room a little tidy. Make sure your paperwork is filed, your clothes are put in the wardrobe or laundry basket, and that your bathroom is clean and clutter free.


Once you get into a routine of keeping your student accommodation in a tidy state, you will soon begin to reap all the benefits of living a neat and clutter-free life. Good luck!