Making Christmas dinner doesn’t have to cost the earth. And, whether you are a turkey-lover, vegetarian or vegan, we have some great money-saving hacks to ensure you don’t break the bank, but still have a delicious feast.

We want you to make the most of your luxury student home this Christmas and create a cosy atmosphere with lots of yummy food. So, take a look at our tips below for a top-notch festive treat on a student budget:

First, check your cupboards!

Before, you begin to make your shopping list, start by checking what you already have. Half a bag of peas from the freezer, a jar of sun-dried tomatoes from the fridge, and a packet of sage and onion stuffing from the store cupboard. They can all come in useful and save you money on your shop as well.

Plus, you’ll need to give your cupboards a good clear out before you return home for Christmas, so this gives you the chance to kill two birds with one stone!

Make your own canapés

We all love canapés, and although the ready-made ones look tempting and easy to prepare, they are pretty pricey. Throw a few packs in your trolley and they will soon see your shopping bill mount up.

Therefore, it’s time to get inventive with your own Christmas canapé recipes. From home-made sausage rolls to festive hummus and cheesy twists, you are sure to make much more for your money and have leftovers to nibble on the next day too while you watch a good Christmas movie.

Choose your main course wisely

This will probably be the most expensive item on your Christmas menu. Especially if some of your housemates have different dietary preferences.

If you opt for turkey, then you can be looking at anything from as little as £3 per kilo at some of the cheapest supermarket birds, up to around £20 per kilo for the finest slow-reared, free-range Bronze turkey. You can always shop around for a bargain Christmas bundle, which many of the main supermarkets are offering this year complete with a turkey joint plus veg options. Then you can always spice it up with some extras and variations of your own.

Otherwise, you can opt for a bigger bird and then use the leftovers to make curries, salads and soups for the next few days. Depending on how many there are of you in the house, you could alternatively opt for a free-range chicken instead, which will be just as tasty and much cheaper. A standard-sized chicken usually feeds around 4 people.

From vegetarian wellington to leek and cheese pithivier, vegetarians and vegans can also prepare a great main meal on a shoestring budget. These recipes are usually much better prepared a few days before and heated up in your oven on the day of your celebration.

Organic veg boxes can offer good value

It’s often thought that organic veg is much more expensive than non-organic. However, this isn’t’ always the case. Seasonal veg boxes, such as those from Riverford Organic Farmers come directly from the farm and cut out the middlemen (the supermarkets!). Therefore, they can actually save you money, especially when entertaining for a few people. Plus, it’s likely that the veg will taste a lot better than the pre-prepared alternatives as it’s so fresh.

Browse different websites that offer organic veg boxes and look out for discount codes and free delivery options also.

Make your own gravy

If you are tempted to buy fresh turkey gravy from the supermarket shelf, then think again.

Try making something tastier and saving a few pounds by making your own. The boiled water from your vegetables, plus the roasting juices from your meat provide all the flavour you’ll need. Just add a spoonful of cornflour, a veg stock cube and voila. Much better than Bisto. P.s add a splash of wine if you’ve got a bottle open for some extra flavour.

Bon Appétit. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas celebration with your student housemates this year.