As we settle into a new term at uni and get to grips with the cost-of-living crisis, we thought that it might be time to finally put those pots and pans to good use.

Cooking at home can save you a lot of money, and it’s healthier than take out. Plus, if you get your housemates involved, cooking together can actually be fun. Here are four student recipes to get you started. We’ve gone for some vegetarian options to help keep the prices down and kept it all as seasonal as possible.


Spicy pumpkin soup

In honour of Halloween and all things autumnal why not try this spicy pumpkin soup recipe. It’s warming, it’s beautifully orangey, and you could scale it up and make double quantities, so you have some in the freezer. Plus, you can toast the extra pumpkin seeds with salt, pepper, and chilli for some delicious healthy nibbles. As with most soup recipes this one calls for a blender, but if (like most student houses) you don’t happen to have a blender in your arsenal, you can just cut things up really small – it will taste just as good.


Homemade pesto

This sounds fancy, but it really it very easy to make and can go on all sorts of things (perfect for when you’re in need of some cheap dinner ideas). You have a few options when it comes to pesto, depending on your budget and what is available in the shop at the time. Traditional Italian pesto is pricey as it involves pine nuts and fresh parmesan, as well as a few generous handfuls of basil. But we like this more budget friendly option from Jack Munroe, which involves a reduced-price salad bag. Add your pesto to pasta, mix it in with some potatoes and peas, or spoon it over a roast vegetable and chickpea tray bake with some rice.



This is often served as a brunch dish, but we could eat it at any time of the day. If you’re a meat eater and feeling flush then you could add some chorizo, but it’s just as good without. Chilies, pepper, cumin and paprika give shakshuka a gorgeous warmth that makes it perfect if you have had a big night, or if you’re trying to avoid putting your heating on for a while.


Fried rice

Cheap, versatile, and really yummy, fried rice is brilliant for being healthy and using up those slightly tied looking vegetables in the fridge. You will need a few basic store cupboard ingredients for this one – soy sauce is a must, and if you happen to have some Chinese Five Spice that can work well too. Once you have those though, the general cost of this meal can be pretty low. Here is one recipe to start you off, though you can really make it your own. Chuck in some vegetables and then choose your protein. Egg, tofu, chickpeas, and nuts are all worth trying.



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