1. Is the property in good condition?

Most responsible student accommodation lenders will take care of their properties. If they are experienced in the market, then they will know that a good relationship between student and landlord/property company works both ways.

However, there may be some landlords that don’t take care of their properties, which will leave it unloved and out of shape. Some of the things you should be looking out for during viewings include:

Older student properties may accumulate damp. Therefore, make sure you keep an eye out for it when you’re searching in each room. Note that sometimes damp may be hidden behind furniture or large appliances.


2. What’s nearby?

Whether you have chosen a student property in Headingley, Meanwood or Woodhouse, it’s worth checking out what’s in close proximity to your new student house.

Ideally there should be a supermarket or grocers within walking distance – especially if you don’t have your own transport at uni. Maybe you want to be close to a park to walk or exercise, or near to a good selection of bars and restaurants that you don’t need to take a taxi to get to/from.

If you don’t have your own transport, check you’re on a bus route to uni or into town. How much does a bus pass cost from there? And how long does it take to get to your library or part-time job?

Remember that initially a pub or takeaway next door might sound like heaven, but expect a lot of noise and disruption at night and weekends. Similarly, being next to a noisy main road may affect how much you sleep.


3. What’s included in the price?

Some student homes are ‘all inclusive’ and some are ‘exclusive of bills’. If you’re responsible for bills as well as rent, definitely find out which ones as you will have to budget for extras which could include gas, electric, water and internet/TV services.

All-inclusive student accommodation makes life easy. At Beyond Lettings, for example, all our bills are in one inclusive package. This means that you make just one monthly payment covering your rent and bills (gas, electric, water and internet), allowing you to manage your finances a little easier.

As well as bills, it’s also really important to take note of what appliances/pieces of furniture are included in the property you’re looking to rent. Many flats and houses will be fitted to include the basics such as a washing machine and oven, but you might find yourself having to source beds and a sofa, which could be costly.

Consider whether ‘luxurious’ appliances such as a dishwasher are important to you. If they are, then a fully-furnished, modern luxury student property might suit you best.


4. Is the WIFI and network coverage any good?

You will no doubt be studying from home quite a bit (as well as checking out the latest Netflix series no doubt). Therefore, check your phone for data or signal black spots as you view the property.

Check especially in upstairs rooms or rooms that are below ground level. You might also want to ask the current tenants who the current broadband provider is, and if the signal is strong all over the house?


5. What do the existing tenants think?

The best recommendation you can get for your new student property is going to be from those currently residing within it. If the current tenants are at home while you are doing your viewing, then don’t be afraid to ask them how they’ve found living within the property.

Chance are they will be completely honest with you and let you know their true experience of the property. You could ask them if any issues have been resolved quickly? Or what the neighbours are like? This might help you to make your final decision.

Once you have considered all the questions above, hopefully you will have peace of mind that your new student home is going to be a happy base for you and your friends for the coming year.

If you have any questions at all about out Beyond Lettings portfolio of luxury Leeds student homes, then feel free to get in touch to speak to our friendly team.