Being stuck inside during lockdown as a student doesn’t mean that you can’t earn money. If you have some spare hours in between your studies, then you could start a side hustle to save up some cash to enjoy when this lockdown is well and truly over.

Below we have listed some possible job options that you might want to consider. Each can be done from your student accommodation and during flexible working times.

Freelance Writing

If you’ve always fancied yourself as a bit of a wordsmith, then perhaps some freelance writing could earn you a bob or two.

Many websites now require frequent blog articles uploading to their websites for SEO value as well as customer experience. Therefore, why not contact a few brands that write about topics you are passionate about – whether that’s vegan cookery or model trains. It will definitely help if you send over a couple of sample articles to prove your skills, so get writing today and start building up your portfolio page by page.

Social Media marketing

Many small businesses with low budgets rely on social media to spread the word to customers about their new products and offers.

If you are a keen social media advocate and know the tricks of the trade, then you could earn money from managing the social media account for other brands. How about your local Leeds takeaway joint, or the dog grooming company down the road? They might be desperate for someone like you with great ideas to help them out so start reaching out today.

Market Research

Market research companies frequently pay students to complete questionnaires and surveys online. These questionnaires can vary from opinions about new products going to market, to general questions about lifestyle choices and habits.

Many market research companies will offer you money vouchers in exchange for completed surveys. These can be handy for making purchases for groceries and other things that you need. However, occasionally some will offer small cash sums too, so do some research to see how you might be able to get involved on a regular basis.

Work From Home
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Online tutoring

If you excel in a particular topic for example French, Maths or Science, then you could offer tutoring for children, teenagers, or adults. Tutoring can be done online via Teams or Zoom and is a great way to use your knowledge for more than just your degree. Ask your department to see if there are any tutoring opportunities within your university and/or local area before you reach out for yourself. If you’re a third- or fourth-year student, then there are bound to be first year students on your course who will need some help with their studies.

Website testing

Online sites like and pay people to test different websites, mobile apps and games.

The idea is to visit websites as if you were a regular customer and share feedback on what you find. Testers will usually share their feedback in a video or as a written document. This type of work is sometimes called “remote usability testing,” and many jobs are posted on LinkedIn and Facebook Groups too.


Good luck with your job search and keep us posted on how you get on!