The mornings are getting lighter, the temperature is slowly rising, and the snowdrops are popping out in Roundhay Park. Yes, at last, spring 2021 is on the way!

Spring brings with it lots of positivity and new life, and also gives us a chance to re-look at the way we eat and exercise too. It’s a time for salads, fresh juice and bright, colourful foods to make us feel good inside and out.

As a celebration of early spring, here we recommend 3 healthy salad recipes that you can easily prepare in your student home. Plus, the even better news is that each salad contains no more than 5 ingredients, meaning that they won’t break the bank either.

Student hack – why not bulk-prepare a batch of each salad at the start of the week and then keep in the fridge to enjoy at lunchtime? Just make sure your housemates keep their hands off!!


Rainbow Greek salad

(for one person)

Simply chop up your ingredients and then combine them into a bowl. Give them a little stir to mix them up evenly and finish with a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Sit back and enjoy in your student house whilst dreaming of your next holiday in gorgeous Greece!


Very crunchy chicken & kale salad

(for one person)

This simple salad is super crunchy, super delicious and super nutritious too! Simple combine all the fruit and vegetable ingredients above into a bowl and then stir until evenly mixed. Then sprinkle the chopped chicken on top (substitute with halloumi or tofu for a veggie version) and drizzle olive oil and balsamic vinegar as a light dressing. Add salt and pepper to taste.


Sun-dried tomato & couscous salad

A colourful, quick and easy salad, which is great alone or with a chicken breast or piece of fish. Add the rocket, cucumber and peppers and mix together. Meanwhile add the sundried tomatoes and the couscous and evenly distribute them in the mix. Add the rocket, cucumber and peppers on top of the couscous mix and then drizzle with olive oil to finish off. Enjoy!